The Spinnerz SET

Rolling Duffle Bags

The Spinnerz

Spinnerz stands for quality, fair pricing and a strong production capacity.

Unmatched quality,
affordable pricing

Quality comes at a price. We at Spinnerz understand that while quality is important, pricing is a key factor in a buying decision. That’s why you would be surprised when you see how our bags are priced without compromising on the quality.

Production stronghold

With a production capacity of 5000 bags a month, we are one of the few companies that can boast of such a massive scale.

Quality mission statement

With a keen eye for detail, our workforce is committed to delivering the finest quality products. You will always a Spinnerz product stands for flawless finish and sturdy to withstand the strenuous of travels.




Travelling leaves
you speechless,
then turns you
in to a story teller.

Visiting new places, relishing local cuisines, meandering along off beaten paths, interacting with natives, making memories at every step; primarily ‘Travel’ is the essence of life.

Spinnerz is that partner you take on these journeys.

Doubling up as a fashion accessory, Spinnerz focusses not just on the quality but also on the aesthetics. Be it a weekend getaway or a luxury vacation or a quick overnighter, ‘Spinnerz’ has it all covered.

All my bags are packed
and I am ready to go
The Spinnerz


“Quality means doing it right, even when no one is watching” – Henry Ford

We take quality very seriously. Each of our product passes through rigorous testing to ensure the bag that you purchase surpasses expectation and survives through all your journeys.

Drop &
Tumble Test

A fully loaded case repeatedly dropped from a fixed height at various angles to test the strength of the case’s shell, locks and overall structural integrity

Zipper and
Lock Test

Zip/lock & unzip/unlock the bag multiple times, both while it is loaded and empty

Handle and
Trolley Test

A fully loaded case suspended and jolted multiple times to test its handle and trolley strength

Wheel Test

A fully loaded case dragged for 16km to ensure the wheels are smooth and durable

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